SoPo Designs

"...original, rich with real emotion, authentic to who we are, and
charged with some kind of ineffable magic..."
-Jen, writer

Who am I?

My name is Sopo (short for Sofia) and I’m an artist behind SoPo Designs Photography. Originally, I’m from Tbilisi, Georgia – a gorgeous mountainous country settled on the coast of the Black Sea.

As a creative soul, I’m in constant search of beauty in everyTHING and everyONE. In the face of photography, I’ve found a medium that allows me to express how I see: the world, my family, the relationships I come across, and the connections I witness between the family members I photograph.

Currently, I’m pursuing my passion in photography while raising two daughters in Long Island, New York.

What inspires me?

My children are my whole life, they are the reason I’ve found passion in photography. Their innocence, unconditional love, untamed curiosity, inspires me to capture their expressions, their adventures and their joys every single day. Check out CHILDHOOD MEMORIES, the photo gallery in which I'm documenting my daughters' daily life.

The same inspiration strikes every time I photograph other families - I see the children as their core and it shows in my photographs. I want to capture the way they look at their parents with admiration, the way they hold their protective hand, the way they embrace them and then run off to the next adventure.

How does my photography style differ?

At a photo session, my goal is to tell the story of your family, preferring to watch and document rather than direct and pose.

Everybody’s session will be different, with a backdrop and adventure uniquely selected for your family. As you play, discover, and reflect on your surroundings naturally, my camera and I will hold space to observe and capture the raw interactions and true personalities of your loved ones and process them into the precious, intimate memories you’ll want to freeze forever. My philosophy in life and art is to uncover those hidden connections, beauty, and to find the magic of the tiny moments that make up our lives.

I truly care about the families I get to photograph, and want their photos to reflect who they are and what their relationships look like, so that they can fondly look back on them in the years to come.

If you are looking for photos that will take you back to a moment you don’t want to forget, I want to help you capture them. For more information about a photo session with me, see FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section.


What to expect during the session?

I believe that the best photographs are created when each family’s story is allowed to unfold naturally. Before the photo-shoot, we will talk over the phone and set up an in-person meeting, where we’ll get to know each other and plan our session in detail.

Where will the session take place?

I love to photograph adventures, so the photo-shoot will take place outdoors – parks, gardens, historic places… We will discuss several potential locations, from which you will choose your favorite.

We will spend 1 to 2 hours walking and exploring together as I capture natural yet artistic images of your family.

What should we wear?

Clothing is very important to the session. Textures, colors and layers can add beautiful depth and dimension to your images. It’s best for the clothing to be free of distracting patterns, brand logos, cartoon characters, graphics and pinstripes, although floral, plaid and polka dots usually work well.

Clothes that move and flow, such as maxi skirts and dresses, are a beautiful choice for women and girls.

Adding color is wonderful - it’s usually best NOT to dress everyone in black or white. That being said, you probably don’t want a whole rainbow of colors either, so a good rule of thumb is to try and keep everyone within the same three “accenting colors” and then add neutrals like gray, black, white and beige.

If you are ever unsure, bring several outfits, layers or accessories so that we can work together to create the look that is best for your session.

What should we do at the session?

Just be you!

Take a walk with your family and spend the time together. This will be an adventurous experience that will be documented by me without much effort from you. Kids will be busy discovering the surroundings and you will watch them and interact with them in a normal, everyday way.

In this setting, I am able to freeze these moments for you in an artistic way, so that those beautiful interections that will happen between your family members are captured just as beautifully and then displayed for you and your children and their children to cherish forever!

When should we expect our photos?

Within 2-3 days of our session I will provide you with a “sneak peek” from your session which will include 1 or 2 images. With your permission, I typically share this “sneak peek” through my Facebook page. Within 2 weeks of our session I will provide you with a link to a private online gallery where you will be able to view and download all of your images. If choosing a package with an album, I will discuss details in person.

Can I share and print my own photos?

With any of the three packages, you will receive downloadable digital WEB-images specially edited and sized for ‘screen’ viewing. These are small sized images that are best shared on the social media, uploaded to personal online galleries/blogs or attached to emails. BUT, these won’t print well. If you want your images printed, the best options are either the POPULAR Package (2) or the PREMIUM Package.

The POPULAR Package (2) includes all the digital images specially edited and sized for ‘screen’ viewing AND large size files that are specifically edited and sized to provide best quality prints in any size (small 4x6 proofs or large wall art).

The PREMIUM Package (3), includes all the digital images specially edited and sized for ‘screen’ viewing AND large size files that are specifically edited and sized to provide best quality prints in any size (small 4x6 proofs or large wall art) as well as a beautiful album (photo book) printed in the professional lab in the United State. Please allow additional time for printing and shipping.

Photo Session Pricing

(1) BASIC Package: 1-2 hours | 20 photos | web-size small digital files ONLY | $200

(2) POPULAR Package: 1-2 hours | 50+ photos | web-size small AND print-size large digital files | $250

(3) PREMIUM Package: 1-2 hours | 50+ photos | web-size small AND print-size large digital files AND album with best of the images | $350

How do I book a session?

I’m so glad you asked! Email or PM me on Facebook.

I will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss all the details of the session as well as set up a pre-session meeting. During this meeting we will finalize the session date and sign the contract. Full payment of the photo session fee will be due at this time.